How does quick testing work?

The PCR test (still the gold standard) measures how much virus value is present in a collected sample. This makes the test very sensitive. To achieve this, the material needs to be examined in a lab. That is time consuming.

To be able to test even faster, we now also offer the antigen test (quick test). This can be carried out at our clinic. The test measures the presence of virus proteins from a nasopharyngeal swab collected by us. So a sample is taken from your nasal cavity. This means you will receive the results within 30 minutes.

Test administration by doctor

Material is collected by our doctor by means of a nasopharyngeal swab (nose). Your material is then analyzed by a doctor in our clinic. The doctor also composes the message confirming your COVID-19 status. You will receive the message by e-mail.

Same day result

We take the rapid test in the afternoon. This way you can still get the results on the same day. After your test, you will receive the results from us via a secure e-mail shortly.

Is your test negative? Then you can safely go back to work. Is the test positive? Then follow the guidelines of the RIVM.


Our travel tests are a collaboration between Zorg4ons and (Microbe & Lab). Coronalab has an ISO certified laboratory at the Science park in Amsterdam. The laboratory has been validated by RIVM as a laboratory for SARS-CoV-2 diagnostics.